Indulge in the culinary delights the Brakel villages have to offer. There are plenty of pubs, bistros and restaurants. For every taste and every purse.

You bet Brakel has its specialties. In January and February you can taste the geutelingen (pancakes) in Elst. But nothing compares to the Brakel hen. The reputation of this proud hen with its ostentatious plumage has spread well beyond the borders of Brakel and Belgium, to reach … late princess Diana.
Farm cheese is made at the Sint-Michaëlshoeve in Michelbeke and at the Kaashoeve in Everbeek.

Beer lovers should try Trivius, a local clear white beer brewed at the De Graal brewery, the perfect aperitif. The brewery has recently expanded its range  with a ginger beer and a triple.
And the Top springs, which bubble up in the Toep park, produce water of an unmatched clarity.

In the neighbourhood you can also visit the coffee roasting company Hoorens in Sint-Maria Oudenhove (Zottegem).


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