The landscape of the Flemish Ardennes is just perfect to explore on horseback. The Livierenbos trail (15km) will suit all your horse riding needs.Everbeek: De Paardebloem Stud (start)

Bewust paardrijden

Ruiter- en menroute en Ruiterkampen

Everbeek: Manège De Paardebloem (start) (Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen)

Manège De Paardebloem Everbeek:

De Livierenbos ruiter- en menroute

The Livierenbos equestrian and men route was developed within the framework of the European interreg IIIA program. It is therefore not surprising that this almost 15 kilometer route that is accessible to both riders and drivers, crosses the language border between Flanders and Wallonia. We leave in the Brakel district Everbeek-Beneden, at manège de Dandelbloem. The manège has ample parking facilities and there is a cafeteria. From the start you will be spoiled with beautiful views. Typical is also the lush greenery in the Everbeek forests and the Livierenbos. Worth seeing along the way are the Verrebeekmolen and the ‘Mijnwerkerspad’. The Zwalmbekken with its many springs and streams determines the landscape on the Flemish side, while on the Walloon territory the military transmission tower at the top of the Livierenbos serves as a target. There are few options for a drink unless you leave the route marked with hexagonal signs and wooden poles. The village centers of Everbeek-Beneden, Parike and Opbrakel are not far away.

Starting point

Kapellen 6

9660 Brakel


Afstand: 15 km