Brakel breeds nature. Undoubtedly, its major asset is the scenery. Apart from the two woods, Livierenbos and Brakelbos, both open to the public, there is the unique Burreken nature reserve in Zegelsem. Visitors can walk through the reserve along two signposted paths. You may even spot a fire salamander during a guided tour.
Brakel also counts a number of brook valleys with exceptionally valuable landscape features. Especially the Zwalm valley stands out. Equally worth exploring are Trimpontbos and Havesbos, the so-called Everbeek woods, Kalenberg, parts of an old railway bedding, Pullem in Opbrakel etc.

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Koninklijke Vereniging voor Natuur- & Stedenschoon : www.kvns.beNationale boomgaardenstichting : www.boomgaardenstichting.beHet Burreken :

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