Brakel provides a wide range of recreational activities. Sightseeing tours in a gipsy caravan, visits to farms, countryside holidays, you name it.

Cyclists can explore the region along the Flemish Ardennes bike network – 850km of recreational bicycle trails. An impressive walking network will take you through a variety of stunning  views across the countryside. It can bepretty exhausting sometimes, but definitely worth it.
Signposted walking trails are available in Brakel.

And the Flemish Ardennes driving route will take you to some of the most charming places in the area.

Gipsy caravan tours
Michelbeke: D’afspanninghe, Boembeke
Bicycle and walking network Flemish Ardennes



Farm holidays

Children’s Farm Diggie:

Driving routes
Flemisch Ardennes driving route (ToerismeOost-Vlaanderen)

Mijnwerkers footpath

Scenic walking trail along a former railway bedding with historical information about the mine workers

Playgrounds in Nederbrakel, Zegelsem, Elst andMichelbeke

Sports centreDe Rijdt, JagerstraatNederbrakel. Organizes sport camps.

De Rijdtmeersen

A 5 ha recreation area in the centre of Nederbrakel with footpath, cosy pub and terrace, a beautiful pond and a playground for small children.