You love walking?Brakel is again the perfect place for those who adore nature. Parks, meadows, pastures and farmlands are criss-crossed by paved paths and small roads. Woods in Opbrakel en Everbeek. Countless springs and brooks, rising from under the Brakel hills. The idyllic riverZwalm, the result of four brooks flowing together. Not to mention the violet hyacinths growing in Brakelbos. World-famous!·       8 signposted walking trails with available brochureMaps and detailed description: surf to

–       Elst: Geutelingen footpath

–       Everbeek: Everbeek footpath

–       Michelbeke: Zwalm footpath

–       Nederbrakel: Toep footpath

–       Opbrakel: Tweebossen footpath &Zwalmbronnen footpath

–       Parike: Walmkebrand footpath

–       Zegelsem: Sighelsem footpath

·       Walks along the language border

·       Green stop Flemish Ardennes (walking + public transport)

·       VVV walking network, mountain bike trails, cycle routes: – click ‘tourism’

·       Everbeek Walking Tours

·       GR 5A walking tours

·       Walking with Pasar